The Crazed Banana… Well if you know me you know exactly what that means but most of you don’t so here is my intro…. My name is Ana AKA Banana, a name I loathed growing up. Hearing Ana banana even worse Ana banana Tropicana made me cringe. Now the Ana has dropped and some call me just Banana, I guess you can say eventually it grew on me.

I’m in my 30’s, happily married and I live on Long Island, NY. I’m new to the blog world, something I have put off for some time now. Usually a million & one thoughts are running through my mind so when pondering what I wanted to blog about I couldn’t narrow it down to one topic, heck I’m like that with life in general (hence the Crazed Banana). Should I blog about weddings, fashion, life, being married, entertainment or all of the above and some?  So I have finally decided there is no need to choose so here we go.