Over the summer my husband I visited my brother who lives in the Oakland area of California. My sister who lives in San Antonio, TX (yes, we are scattered all over the country) met us there as well. It was a little sibling reunion, with a much needed trip to the golden state.

 We spent about 6 days in Northern California, and we tried to pack in as much as we could. Napa was a MUST on my list but somehow I didn’t do a good job at planning, I feel like we totally missed out here (it’s ok another excuse to come back, note to self you can’t just wing things like this).

We left from my brother’s apartment around 11am and it’s about a 2 to 2 and 1/2 hour ride from him. The traffic around the San Francisco Bay area can be a nightmare, so this didn’t help much. We arrived at our first stop around 3pm (such a bummer), I had done a little research while in the car and every article recommended that we stop at Domaine Chandon. The grounds here are stunning, but I’m not sure where our heads were at, we barely took pictures here. We might have one, so the one below is of the entrance to the visitor center and I found it on Domaine Chandon’s Pinterest account (all the rest are ours, I swear).

fac8e645719f1a31ff53a40eb9344228Our second and final =( stop was just down the road to Napa Cellars, out of the two this one was my favorite. All the pictures below were captured here. The atmosphere was a more laid back, they had several lawn games such as cornhole and ladder toss and it was less crowded. I could’ve spent hours here.napanapa-edited_-5napa-edited_-7napa-2napa-grapesnapa-3-2napa-edited_-3 My advice to anyone looking to go to Napa is to try to spend a night or two in the area. If not, I really hope you guys do a better job than I did at planning your trip. I hope you guys enjoyed this little snippet from our trip to Napa over the summer. Till next time folks.

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