Fall has arrived, but that doesn’t mean your summer glow has to disappear. Keep that glow going with a few of my favorite products.


The first step to a flawless application is to prep your skin. I do this by exfoliating with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, which can be found at Target, Amazon or your local CVS, Walgreens, etc. Any body wash/scrub with an exfoliate will do the job though. After that I choose which product I will use. This really depends on how quick I need to be tan.
2-summer-glow-featured_-3Tarte’s Brazilliance Plus is perfect if you need to be tan and out the door within minutes. Instructions say to wait 10 minutes after applying before getting dressed, and 8 hours before showering. I however like to apply it the night before, I feel that it allows the product to really settle. Plus I like to shower the next morning just incase it streaks. The application mitt that comes with the Brazilliance Plus helps to eliminate streaking, but I have woken up the next morning with streaks here and there. The shower helps even things out. The face wipes are great to use in conjunction with Brazilliance Plus, I find it a bit odd to use the gigantic mitt on my face and the wipes are the perfect size. It can also be used alone if you want to focus solely on your face. One wipe usually does the trick. I have used them in the morning and by the afternoon I can start to see a difference.
2-summer-glow-featured_-2Jergens Natural Glow on the other hand takes about two applications for me to really start to see some color develop. If I’m in no rush to be tan and fabulous I actually prefer this line of products. About every other night before I shower I apply the moisturizer all over my body and the daily face moisturizer to my face (0bvi). Since the color develops gradually there is more of natural look to it. This product goes on smoothly and streak free, you really can’t get the application wrong. Well folks that’s it for now, I hope you all have a nice and glowing fall season.



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